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HOUSE OF RAWHIDE is a TX Cowboy Store and is our business where we manufacture quality braided products from a variety of leathers including cowhide, horsehide, kangaroo and rawhide. Our product line mainly consists of Horse Gear, bullwhips, shot whips, alley whips, lunge whips, quirts, crops, sorting sticks, back scratchers, reins, bosals, hat bands and slide knots. We also do all types of custom work. You will absolutely enjoy your Custom Whip once it arrives to you.

I was raised in the Texas Hill Country, Llano Texas. My family were ranchers and used Whips and quirts in working cattle. As a little boy, I was fascinated with braided leather goods. I started braiding at a very young age, tearing old things apart and putting them back together. Soon I was repairing my Granddad's and Daddy's whips and quirts. I worked my way through college, Texas A&M and Texas Tech, by braiding bull ropes for the young bull riders. After graduation I worked for the Texas Animal Health Commission for over fifteen years, but continued making custom orders as a sideline. From a lifetime of working with cattle and cowboys, and a lifetime of making training aids for them I have derived a line of products ideal their needs. I call them my:

My wife and I are not affiliated with Bola Sales, tommonsstore@yahoo.com or bencassstore@yahoo.com in any form or fashion. They are using my name with out my permission; as well as my address. Any packages sent to my address will be rejected and returned to sender.


  • BULL WHIPS: Are all leather with a 3 ply belly in your choice of leathers: cowhide, kangaroo or rawhide Available in 16, 12 or 8 overlay
  • SHOT WHIPS: A continous braid, with no handle. Loaded, with a 3 ply belly. Available in 16 and 12 overlay, kangaroo or rawhide
  • ALLEY WHIPS: Have a 30" (76 cm) fiberglass handle with a 4 braid overlay and a 30" (76 cm) body with a 4 braid overlay. The body is attached to the handle with an 8 braid overlay. Overall length is 75" (190 cm)
  • SORTING WHIPS: Have a 50" (127 cm) fiberglass shaft with an 8 braid overlay. The overall length is 70" (178 cm) The shaft is heavily reinforced to prevent it from working through the overlay. Avalible in cowhide
  • LUNGE WHIPS: Have a 50" (127 cm) fiberglass shaft with a 4 braid overlay and a 50" (127 cm) body. Available in cowhide
  • QUIRTS: Made from rawhide or kangaroo. Loaded. Braided in 12, 16, or 24 overlay. Approximate total length is 24" (70 cm)
  • SORTING STICKS: have an 8 or 16 overlay on a 3/8" (95 mm) fiberglass rod. Made to order according to your height. Avaliable in cowhide..
  • SHOW STICKS: Made for showing steers or bats for driving pigs. Made in cowhide
  • BACK SCRATCHERS: A novelty item; for the person who has everything. Rather handy and with no batteries to replace, works great every time. Small, white tail antler, attached to a 15" (38 cm) fiberglass shaft. has the tine points on one end and the brow point on the other. Lots of fancy braiding on the shaft..
  • HORSE GEAR: Custom made...

  • HATBANDS AND SLIDE KNOTS: (Made to order)

When being a cowboy and working on a ranch, there are specific things you need as far as equipment for you, clothes and gear and things for your horses. Finding the right location to provide you with everything at the same place can be a difficult task, until now. Here at House of Rawhide, we are a premier location in Llano Texas for the cowboy and ranch equipment.

For many years we have been stocking our store with the latest brands and trends of products that our customers are looking for. Our Llano Texas whips, horse gear and custom whips are made of pure rawhide for strength and usability. Because we use the toughest material for our custom whips, they will last you a lifetime and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

In addition to whips, our TX cowboy store has the best brands of horse equipment, livestock equipment and cattle equipment. If there is something specific you are looking for and we don’t have it, please let us know and we will look into it to get it for you. Our quality braided products that are made of pure rawhide and other strong materials such as cowhide, horsehide and kangaroo, will get the job done.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that House of Rawhide will provide you with the reassurance in knowing you can come to our TX cowboy store and buy everything you need from personal items such as custom whips to horse, livestock and cattle equipment. We offer competitive prices for our products, but the quality of product can’t be beat. Please feel free to contact us with any of your questions; we look forward to hearing from you.

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